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ReflectOps helps to identify what happened in the sprint.

Create Retrospective
Retrospective view

Retrospective made easy

Manage retrospective with plenty options of customizations

Anonymous Reflections

Turn on anonymous filter to everyone make his own reflections

Reflection Timer

Set some time for reflection or maybe you want to make it unlimited

Items Grouping

Group similar reflections in to one group. See the bigger picture.

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Easy to use
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Unlimited Retrospectives

Create unlimited retrospectives for you teams. There is no limit.

Unlimited Teams

Create as many teams as you want.

Unlimited Custom Templates

Have a lot ideas for your retrospectives? Create templates to stat with.

Actions view

Ready. Set. Action.

With actions your team wont forget about making an improvements.

Assign action

Assign action to a team member.

Review actions

Review your actions and see how many you have done.

Never get lost

Actions are tied to retrospective. You can always find them.

Looks great
Easy to use
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Simple, transparent pricing

Always know what you`ll Pay


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