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ReflectOps is a powerful retrospective tool that helps teams stay organized, track progress, and take action on their insights.

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Retrospective made easy

You will have access to a variety of customization options for managing retrospectives. This will allow you to effectively manage your retrospectives and make the most of the process, using the options that best suit your team's needs and goals.

Anonymous Reflections

Turn on anonymous filter to everyone make his own reflections

Reflection Timer

Set some time for reflection or maybe you want to make it unlimited

Items Grouping

Group similar reflections in to one group. See the bigger picture.

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Unlimited Retrospectives

Teams can create an unlimited number of retrospectives, with no limitations on the number of retrospectives that can be created. This allows teams to continually track their progress and take action on their insights, without any restrictions.

Unlimited Teams

ReflectOps allows users to create and manage an unlimited number of teams, giving them the flexibility to work with multiple teams and track their progress in a single, centralized platform.

Unlimited Templates

If you have a lot of ideas for your retrospectives, ReflectOps allows you to create templates to help you get started. This can save you time and effort, and ensure that your retrospectives are consistent and effective.

Actions view

Ready. Set. Action.

By using the action-taking feature, your team can ensure that they don't forget to make improvements based on the insights gained during the retrospective. This can help your team stay on track and continue to progress and grow.

Assign action

Assign action to a team member.

Review actions

Review your actions and see how many you have done.

Never get lost

Actions are tied to retrospective. You can always find them.

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